That time of year is approaching


That time of year is approaching.  Soon it will be Halloween and before you know it – Thanksgiving!  When starting to plan your holiday feast consider the vision of your table, the atmosphere, what you want your guests to say about the look, feel and delicious meal you spent long hours preparing.

One thing to consider is the Rule of Three when planning your table design.  Stick with a color palette of three.  I usually choose two colors and one surprise color – think metallic or shimmer.  For example, you may go with green and red but use gold as your surprise color, or blue and white with silver.

Next, decide whether you will use a tablecloth or runner, or your natural table.  When considering this keep in mind that the table, tablecloth or runner is your canvas.  It sets the backdrop for your design.  So make sure it coincides with the Rule of Three. If you go all natural with your table then you can use your colors in your table set decor.  If you go with a tablecloth or runner then it should be a natural color to not detract from the Rule of Three.

Centerpiece, in choosing your centerpieces, keep in mind whose is coming to dinner. If you know you will have a lot of children at the table, you may want to go with low non breakable items.  If you are having adults, you may want to select taller items, candles and more delicate pieces. Also, consider sight lines, as you want your guests to be able to see across the table when talking with each other.  In addition to centerpieces, consider how much food you will have on your table and leave room for arms to reach across for serving.

Happy Designing!

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